Our Scholarship Program



​Imagine, if you will, that you are a bi-vocational pastor in a developing local congregation,  and desire to expand your Bible mastery and mission through a formal, recognized training institute.  As a bi-vocational pastor, you work a day-job to support your family, and the offerings from your church members support and sustain the church facility and its expenses, but there are no funds available to advance your leadership training and development.

 If you could obtain the formal, certified training, you could implement what you learn into your church or congregation and multiply your efforts through those to whom you minister, immediately.  All you need is just under $1500.00 to cover the cost of a full, intense course and practicum of Bible Mastery & Ministry Development within a nine- month period.  

If you can imagine yourself in this position, and $1500.00 seems an insurmountable number for an intensive Biblical training course, then you can empathize with a majority of bi-vocational pastors who faithfully lead  neighborhood churches throughout our city.

If this very typical situation touches your heart, then participate with MRI by sponsoring a student through a generous donation to MRI’s scholarship fund.