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Ministry Development & Bible Education Program Series

Welcome to the Ministry Resources Institute

We provide our students with an intensive, accelerated training experience with emphasis on Biblical Study, Ministry & Leadership Development.
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A Virtual Bible Study, Ministry & Leadership Certification Program

Our Training Programs Are Designed To Help...


Ministry and Bivocational Leadership

You work with or for a church or parachurch organization, and potentially have a part-time position in the marketplace to support those efforts

Community Leadership

You work in the marketplace and are seeking to expand your influence through Biblical study and application.

Family and Group Leadership

You are in a position of studying and presenting the Bible to friends and family you are committed to leading

Grow. Do. Be.

Training Programs


Bible Basics

Refresh your skills for studying or teaching the Bible with this valuable series.


The Alphabet

A basic review for non-students of Hebrew and Greek, or anyone interested in knowing more about words they encounter in the Bible.


Bible Mastery

Perfect for ministry leaders, Bible teachers, church interns, home-groups, and small group facilitators who wish to grow in their Bible skills.


Ministry Leadership

Focused on effective and catalytic leadership for upper-levels of ministry, and designed for those who want to develop and lead well within their organizations, churches, projects, or initiatives.

When you start one of our training programs, our team is there to help you complete it and graduate successfully, and take your place in serving the community!

Student Success Is Important!

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